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Tiny red papules appear along the inner edges of the eyelashes (conjunctiva), categorized as acute or chronic, collectively known as trachoma. Mucous membranes connecting to the eyeball cause inflammation and redness of the eyelid. Excessive tearing (lacrym) occurs in the affected eye, leading to conjunctivitis. A tenderful red prominence emerges among the eyelash hairs, either above or below, known as a style.

Itrifal-e-Shahtara: Useful in eye diseases, reddish states of eyes, irritations, restlessness, and conditions caused by heat and blood impurities. It is also beneficial in syphilis, itching, and skin diseases. Directions: Take 5 to 10g at bedtime with water.


Excessive mental exertion, prolonged focus on bright and illuminating objects, excess cohabitation, and weakness of the brain and nerves can lead to early weakening of eyesight. The entrance of catarrhal water into the eyes is believed to result in cataracts. Medically, the aging process causes changes, such as graying hair, and similarly, the eye lens becomes opaque, leading to unclear vision, a condition known as cataract.

Itrifal-e-Kishneezi: Useful in chronic cold and diseases caused by catarrhal secretions. Removes constipation and acts as a brain tonic. Directions: Take 5 to 10g with lukewarm water at bedtime.

Khamira-e-Abresham Sada: Preserves eyesight, strengthens the brain, and is useful in palpitation. Directions: Take 5g in the morning with fresh water on an empty stomach.

Kohlul Jawahar: This antimony, prepared with valuable ingredients, maintains sharp eyesight and protects the eyes from diseases. Directions: Apply in both eyes with a stick (Salai) in the morning and evening.

Surma-e-Noorani: Regular use of this antimony keeps the eyes healthy and is equally beneficial for every age group. Directions: Apply in both eyes with the stick (Salai) at bedtime.


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