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The penetration of microbacteria into the skin leads to the development of alopecia, causing the destruction of hair roots and resulting in the emergence of a bald scalp instead of hair. This condition typically occurs in the scalp and chin areas.

Raughan-e-Baiza-e-Murgh: Hair growth on the scalp is promoted by prolonged rubbing of this Roghan. Directions: Apply daily to the affected part.

Roghan Zarareeh: Deficiency of important scalp hair can lead to shedding and baldness. This oil provides sufficient nutrition to help address alopecia.

Directions: Apply a few drops of oil to the affected part using a cotton swab or as directed by the physician.


Various factors such as weakness of the brain, excessive studies, the impact of catarrh on the brain, anxieties, and incomplete sleep can contribute to premature greying of hair. Additionally, using too hot or cold water and washing hair with soap containing harmful ingredients or high alkalinity can result in unhealthy and grey hair.

Raughan Amla-e-Khas: Preserves the darkness of hair, strengthens hair roots, and is useful in addressing dandruff. Keeps the brain refreshed. Directions: Massage onto the scalp as needed.

Roghan Gesu Daraz: Invokes a sense of refreshment in the brain, promotes long and healthy hair, and prevents hair fall. Keeps the hair dark black. Directions: Apply the oil to the hair as usual.

Zulfi Black Hair Soap: Highly effective in making hair silky, black, and soft. Regular use prevents dandruff. Directions: Use like other soaps during showers.

Zulfi Hair Tonic: Provides nutrition to the hair roots and protects against diseases. Zulfi Hair Tonic is used to maintain dark, long, silky, and vibrant hair. Directions: Gently rub Zulfi Hair Tonic on hair at bedtime and after morning baths. Ensure hair is dry before application.

Zulfi Powder: Helps maintain lustrous, soft, black, and silky hair while removing dandruff from the scalp. Directions: Follow the instructions provided in the enclosed literature for usage.


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