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This disease comes into existence due to ancestral impact and diseases of throat, which causes more trouble during winter and rainy season.Due to inflammation in the joints and related structures, it causes difficulty in physical movements of joints resulting in restricted movement, pain and restlessness in joint. In case of complete movement arthritis, joints become immoveable and even the bones show deformity.
Depane:Useful in all kinds of rheumatic pains particularly in chronic cases of gout and sciatica.Directions: to be taken one pill morning & evening with lukewarm milk.
Useful in joints pain specifically in Rheumatic arthritis.Directions: 2-2 pills to be taken with fresh water in the morning and evening.
Habb-e-Irqun Nisa:Useful in all kind of pain in joints specially for Sciatica.Directions: 1 to 2 tablets two times a day with water or as directed by the physician.

Halwa Gheekwar:
useful in chest diseases (cough etc.) joints pain and low backache, use of this pudding (Halwa) is suitable in winter season.Directions: To be taken 25g early in the morning or at night with milk.

Kushta Gaodanti: 
Useful in arthalgia, fever, arthritis, paralysis and facial paralysis.Directions: 60mg to be taken with 5g Majun Jograj Googal or Majun Chobchini Banuskha Khan.

It is a blood purifier. Useful in arthralgia and arthritis.Directions: 5g to be taken with water in the morning.

Majun Suranjan:
Useful in arthralgia, sciatica, gout and arthritis.Directions: 5 to 10g to be taken with fresh water at bed time.
New Shama Roghan Phosphorus:Useful in arthralgia, muscular spasm, sciatica and backache.Directions: Rub cautiously on effected part as required.

Roghan Baboona:
Useful in Otalgia. It relieves arthralgia when it is massaged on effected joint and reduces inflammation.Directions: Rub it in lukewarm condition and bandage with cotton.

Roghan Malkangni:
It gives relief in joints pain.Directions: Rub in a lukewarm condition then bandage with cotton.

Roghan Suranjan:
Relieves pain by removing inflammation. Due to these reason it is recommended extremely in joints pains, sciatica, gout and inflammation of the joints.Directions: Rub gently on effected part.

Roghan Surkh:
Useful in arthritis, sciatica, backache and rheumatic arthritis and apart from this, in paralysis and facial paralysis.Directions: Rub in lukewarm condition & then bandage with cotton.


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