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Teeth And Gum Diseases


Gums bleeding, foul secretion, and bad breath can result from improper teeth cleaning, digestive disorders, and overall oral uncleanliness. Inflamed and red gums contribute to the foul odor emanating from the mouth.

Manjan Mufeed: Highly effective for various teeth-related issues. Apply by rubbing on teeth like tooth powder.

Payoreen: Beneficial for Pyorrhea, Gingivitis, Odontalgia (Pain in Teeth), Gringiotis, and Foul smell from the mouth. Gently rub on teeth and gums like tooth powder.

Sanun Jadeed: Useful for gums inflammation, toothache, and teeth sensitivity to hot and cold items. It provides relief from dental disorders caused by excessive consumption of sweets and ice. Gargle with warm water when pain arises, then rub it on teeth like toothpowder.


Unclean teeth lead to bacterial growth in the roots, causing mouth stench, weakened and shaky teeth, sensitivity to cold or heat, and enamel grinding. Excessive consumption of beetles and guthka exacerbates these issues.

Note: Lauq Sapistan, Khansoleen Jadeed, and Khansyrup may also be used. Nerves associated with the teeth become closer, leading to pain and sensitivity.

Dant Pain: Useful for sensitive teeth, toothache, and gingivitis. Apply on the affected part with a cotton swab.

Raughan-e-Darchini: Provides relief from toothache and gum pain, while also addressing pain and inflammation from insect bites. Apply 2-3 drops on the affected area with caution.

Roghan Laung: Offers relief from toothache and gum pain, strengthening nerves and alleviating headaches. Apply a small cotton swab to the affected tooth with care.

Sanun Mojalli: Removes dirt and yellowness from teeth. Rub on teeth with a finger in the morning and evening.

Sanun Post Mughilan: Strengthens loose teeth and aids in pyorrhea. Rub on teeth before bedtime, and gargle in the morning after a brief period.


Inflammation of the mouth’s mucous membrane can be caused by abdominal disorders, the consumption of warm items, certain medications, and the use of beetle and gutkhas. Blisters on the tongue, around it, and on the gums make it difficult to consume chilled, spicy, and seasoned foods. Medicines that alleviate liver, intestine, and stomach heat and promote blood production (Harmatinics) are recommended, such as Jawarish Tabasheer, Jawarish Meda, Noshdaroo Sharbat Ward Mukarrar, and Sharbat Faulad.


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